Adirondack Death Care Community

Welcome to our home on the web

Who are we?

We are a community support group focused on rediscovering a meaningful relationship with grief, end of life and after death care. We offer a variety of educational opportunities to deepen personal insight and provide practical guidance. We are here to create spaces for people to feel seen and heard while we explore our mutual experiences of grief, death, and loss, and to advocate on behalf of individuals to ensure that their rights and end of life wishes are honored. The Death Care Community is a space that can assist in connecting people to services that meet their needs and interests. We seek to collaborate with established organizations and professionals in the field, as well as to draw out the potential of individuals to support one another.

a small ritual space meant to honor the dead

Where are we focused?

Grief Support

We are dedicated to sharing support for grief as needed within our community, through special events, one-on-one care, and a directory highlighting other resources that exist.

End of Life Care

We offer a variety of companionship and preparation-based support for people nearing end of life or their loved ones and caregivers.

After-Death Assistance

We have a dedicated database of knowledge and resources, as well as members offering their time to the community, to ensure we honor ourselves and our loved ones after death.

The ADK DCC is a community support resource. These events and services are not intended to replace professionals in the mental health or funerary service fields. We aim to create greater community supports to act in harmony with these existing services.