Adirondack Death Care Community

ADKDCC Board Members

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Colleen Corrigan

President and Founder

Colleen is founder of the ADKDCC, working with Hospice in Spiritual Care and as the coordinator at Spirit Sanctuary, a conservation natural burial ground. She wants to embrace and empower what it means to be human and to lean into our innate capacities to support one another when darkness beckons and celebrate as the light floods back in.

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Dylan Urquhart

Vice-President and Webmaster

Dylan is a traditional alchemist schooled in thee olde ways of transforming death into life and life into death. He lives in Saranac Lake with his partner Allegra the powerful and mighty, and their two familiars. He should not be allowed to write bios about himself.

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Allegra Freier


Allegra is a lover of all cycles in nature, especially in the body itself. When she isn’t working as a Licensed Massage Therapist, she’s showing up for her community or being wild in the woods: practicing sasquatch calls, howling on summits, foraging for mushrooms and keeping an eye out for faeries.

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Sarah Chien


As a hospice music therapist, Sarah has had the privilege to witness the strength, vulnerability, and tenderness of families as they experience the initiation of death. Both personally and professionally as a music therapist and yoga instructor, she is curious how bringing presence to death and grief can allow us to fully engage in our lives.

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Karen Wadsworth

Board Member

After caring for her mother during her death journey, Karen listened to a call to work more closely with death and grief. She is an aspiring death doula who facilitates online grief circles. She believes in the power of community to reclaim the knowledge and skills to care for our dying and to process grief through ritual and support. She finds peace in nature, growing medicinal herbs, and snuggling with her two fur babies.

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Danna Libbey

Board Member

Danna is an outdoor educator and editor of local DIY arts magazine Boreal. When she is not doing ceremonial magic or death care work, she may be found skiing, hiking, birdwatching, creating, or traveling far and wide in the camper van she built with her husband Jeremy.

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Jay Federman

Board Member

Jay Federman MD is a retired family physician and Medical Director at High Peaks Hospice. He practiced at Medical Associates and Adirondack Health for 43 years. His Special interest is in helping people do advance care planning.

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Suzanne Snizek

Board Member

Suzanne Snizek is the proud mother of 4 amazing humans and is Grandma to 7 precious souls. She has been a Registered Dental Hygienist for 42 years, specializing in the oral health education of children for the past 20 years. She loves connecting with people and loves living in the Adirondacks.